Nandos the Dagbandoo Releases Video for “Let’s Dance”

Nandos the Dagbandoo born Laminu Abdul-Hanan, recently released the music video for his hot dance track Let’s Dance.

The griot rapper who is known for songs like Dagbandoo, Industry, and We Shab Der recently treated his fans to an eclectic dance song for the festive season.

Once again the versatile rapper has demonstrated that his artistic prowess is unmatched. Nandos’ Let’s Dance video follows the motif of street dance videos by involving incredible dancers male and female in the production.

The video is shot at a transport station in Tamale and Joe Gameli efficiently captures Nandos’ ancestral home identity by making sure to capture the Yendi/Bimbilla/Wulensi Station in a casual shot.

Unlike many dance and music videos that only create narratives with male performers and dancers, in the Let’s Dance video both male and female dancers are placed on a level field where they dance it off. Here, the women are not just used as props as they usually are but they are agentive entertainers who dance boot to boot with their male counterparts.

Check out the video below

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