Nazz Changes the Game with Private Video Launch

One of the talented vocalists in Northern Music, Nazz, held a launch of his much talked about Alaaji music video on 6th December 2017 at Oasis Restaurant. The launch was to outdoor the video project he had been working on with Fancy Gadam for weeks.

Prior to the launch, his team released still-shots from the production of the video to whet the appetite of his music fans. This PR strategy garnered a lot of attention for the video. When the video was ready he did not go the usual route by making it an event open to the public for which fans had to pay to be a part of.

He started a campaign to draw public attention to it by getting endorsements from various artistes and industry players. Nazz’s team’s next move was to announce to the public that the launch was going to be a private affair and only people who were invited would be granted entry to the event.

This drew further attention to the work since it was a move that went against what has come to be known as the norm in the music industry. Nazz’s private video launch though refreshing and exclusive, excluded the core of his fan base from taking part in the celebration of this milestone in his music career.

This approach to launching a video somewhat gave music fans a break from buying tickets to attend shows that are staged every few weeks, thereby saving them some money. However, the mystery surrounding this launch has served useful for publicizing the video and Nazz’s team should think of working in the future to include his core fan base.

They can do this by organizing a meet and greet with him and his fellow artistes where fans get up close and personal with them. The turnout at the Alaaji video launch demonstrates that his team can pull together another event which fans can feel included in without having to necessarily pay to get into. A quick overview of photos and videos from the event shows that women were disproportionately under-represented.

It is public knowledge that there are very few women in our music industry and Nazz with his visionary organizational style can help bridge the gap by inviting more female artistes (as guest performers) and women fans and industry players to future events.

The team of the amazing vocalist can demonstrate the inclusiveness of their brand by continuing to adopt a more revolutionary approach to producing his work, organizing his events and his collaboration with other (female) artistes in the region and beyond. Overall, the Alaaji video launch looked successful as invited guests seemed to enjoy themselves in the photos and videos posted on line. We can’t wait to see what next he has in store for the industry.

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