Mama Rams Celebrates 15 Years of Music

Mama Rams, one of the early voices in Northern music, will celebrate 15 years of a career in music on Saturday December 30 2017 at Radach Lodge.

Mama Rams, like her predecessor Sirina Issah, has made a mark in the music industry by releasing hit songs that appeal to people across demographics in the Northern Region and beyond.

Her music, which draws on her positionality as woman in a patriarchal society, reflects the lived reality of many especially women who enjoy her music. Much of the themes explored in her music focus on human relationships, human suffering, poverty, polygynous marriages, gender relations etc.

Mama Rams is known for her hit songs: Man Mali Ya, So Yelli, Che Ka o Kuna among others.

Let’s come out and support her 15th anniversary concert which takes place at Radach Lodge in Tamale. See poster above for details about the concert.




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