Dear Nyaaba: From Microblog Post to Book on Social Commentary

Ghanaian journalist and writer Abdul Hayi Moomen has published his first book and is set to launch it on Tuesday December 19, 2017 at the Dubois Center in Accra.

Dear Nyaaba which began as an alternative stylistic way to comment on current socio-political issues in the Ghanaian nation-state gradually inspired a movement of writers who added their voice to commenting on issues in the Ghanaian public sphere from a satirical, tongue-in-cheek, humorous way.

Ghanaians are known for turning to humor as a coping mechanism to deal with the unspeakable state of social institutions, the lackadaisical attitude of state actors and the government’s general inattention to the needs of the marginalized.

Dear Nyaaba which has evolved into the book: Thoughts of a Professional Gossip  began as a series of reports made by a grandchild to their grandfather about the current state of the nation. It was inspired by Kasise Ricky Peprah (the Nyaaba). “Nyaaba” in many languages in Northern Ghana means “grandpa.”

This satirical way of talking about social issues became an alternative site for Abdul Hayi Moomen to break away from conventional journalism in his private time to demonstrate the non-conventional, more playful, creative side of him.

Dear Nyaaba started in 2013 and has evolved into a book 4 years down the line. There are plans to outdoor the book in Tamale after the Accra launch in December.

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