Busted!, the play.

OMG! ever been witness to a bleeding heart in cuffs? Well I guess you outta get BUSTED! Busted is one of the epic productions to hit Tamale from talents right here in Tamale. The production is by Bluebird Theatre in Collaboration with the versatile Tampuri Events.

The playwright and creative director of the stage play is a fifth year medical student, Derrick Korletey, famed for his ambidextrous prowess in the performance arts and written literature.
Busted is a play that would feature the Ghana Police, if the cards play out properly as expected we would witness various professional “celebrities” like, Dr. Der the legendary Pathologist, Benard Ofosu-Apea, and Senior lecturer as well as the Tamale regional director of Police in the Northern Region challenged to act liiiive on stage. This is quite a feat as the Busted team seek to give their patrons world-class live music, drama, suspense, dance, and a full thrilling theatre experience.
The main character Emmanuel Omare who himself is a sixth year medical student who is extremely gifted plays the role of, Silas Osabutey, has this to say when he was asked what to expect at the play.
Omare: Nothing short of action, suspense filled drama, an interesting plot with unpredictable twists and turns. That’s besides the rib cracking and hilarious humor. We’ll take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you share in the betrayals, pain, hurt, regret, joys and fortunes of the various characters. Once you’re in Tamale on the 25th of November, 2017 Busted is the place to be!
Omare plays the role of a police officer with a seemingly happily marriage till the mother in-law marches into his home with unreasonable demands that bring out carefully hidden skeletons in the closet.. which threatens the stability of his home and marriage. You think you can predict how the rest of the story ends? Wrong! This tale of interesting twists and turns marries love, hurt, betrayal, malice, and brilliant peaks of joy, romance and adroit police work bringing you to tears, laughter and excitement.
We would be unveiling young stars from the Little Way School credits to Sir. Musah their diligent talent coach.
Bluebird Theatre debuted their first major production titled, “Shoes and Shoelaces” which was a massive success that filled the Getfund Hotel venue to capacity.

This upcoming play, 25th of November-6:00pm sharp, promises to be even more exciting and captivating. Tickets are rather affordable for all to patronize, just 10 cedis for students with IDs and 25cedis for workers. Come with friends, family, loved ones and ultimately BAE to destress and refresh!!! Cos it’s all about BUSTED!!!
BUSTED is Proudly sponsored by Bernard’s Takeout along target road, UDS-SRC, Ghana Police, NIB, Ntv, Suhupielli Fm, Bishara radio, Moment of Grace on Sagani TV, Kesmi Fm, Ayooghana.com and Marie Stopes, Sanctuary of Wind and Fire AGC.


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