Saints & Sinners: Educational Theatre as a Tool for Social Change

The play Saints and Sinners has joined the fight against illegal mining (galamsey) in the country by adding their voice to the conversation. Ghanaian playwright, Latif Abubakar, has consistently produced work that tackles sensitive social issues head on.

For many people who attended the production that took place at Radach Lodge on Saturday, September 23, that was their first experience with staged productions. Latif Abubakar did not only bring attention to the social issue of galamsey he brought the stage and dramatic world to the people of Tamale.

The play is about a cocoa farmer who overburdened with a lot of responsibilities in his home suffered for many years as a result of poverty. Due to his financial situation, he had no choice than to lease the only treasure of their generation to Mr. Blinks, a galamsey businessman for a huge amount of money. Little did Mr. Agyeman know that this small business transaction would destroy his land irreparably.

A scene in the play that highlights the dangers of illegal mining is when the daughter of Mr. Blinks met her untimely death. With illegal mining as the major cause of the accident that took her life. Ignorance is indeed the darkest of all nights. Mr. Blinks was cautioned to stop illegal mining. He turned a deaf ear to that advice. At the end, he regrets for engaging in such activity. If he knew earlier on, he would have stopped and campaigned against illegal mining. He goes unconscious upon hearing the tragic death of his daughter.

The play demonstrates how illegal mining is a threat to society. Illegal mining therefore ought to be condemned and those engaged in such acts must be dealt with in accordance to the law.

The time has come for all of us to campaign against illegal mining in order not to be in the same situation with Mr. Blinks or Mr. Agyeman. Illegal mining destroys the beautiful natural resources around us. It has succeeded in drying up our vegetation, polluting our water bodies and generally threatening the livelihood of communities that have been affected by it.

Illegal mining must be condemned by all. Let’s all cease this opportunity to fight against galamsey to ensure that our society is set free from the effects illegal mining.


About the Writer

Tiyumtaba Hakeem Mohammed is a first year student of Social Change Communication at the University for Development Studies, Nyankpala. He is an avid music fan.


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