Nurses & Midwives’ Association Weighs in on DJ Tell’s Conduct



The attention of the regional executives of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association, N/R has been drawn to statements and audio recordings circulating in a section of the media purportedly made by one Halik Musah, a Disc Jockey (DJ) of Zaa Radio, the import of which is contemptuous of the noble nursing profession. The said comments, as morally depraved and uncouth as they are, were made both on his Facebook timeline and in the studios of a radio station whose communications over the years have earned the respect of the general public. The said comments describes our hardworking and dedicated members in the region, especially at the Tamale Teaching Hospital as “prostitutes” and “useless.”

He also alleged that, the death of his late father in 2008 and a friend two weeks ago was as a result of negligence on the part of TTH nurses without any shred of evidence to substantiate his claims.

We wish to state unequivocally, and on record, that these comments are as uncivilized, uncouth and unprofessional as the personality behind it. We are hereby calling on all nurses and the general public to disregard those comment(s) and treat them with the contempt they deserve. Indeed, it is unfortunate and disheartening that Mr. Halik has brazenly and unintelligently failed to draw a line between his personal squabbles and professionalism, a matter which we believe poses serious questions about his integrity and qualification as a recognised media practitioner. For while these comments defy common sense and reasoning, they also grossly defy the ethics of Journalism and regulations outlined by the National Media Commission and the National Communications Authority.

Halik’s comments, guilty of serious grammatical infractions, for which reason we doubt his intelligence, is a far cry from the hard work and sacrifice, the patience and resilience, and the dedication and commitment of the many nurses swarming our health centres, and toiling day and night to offer services to the public. We wish to state and put on record, that the dignity, morality and honour of all nurses in the region and beyond, remains unsullied, just as our usefulness and professionalism remains unquestionable. In the face of poor conditions of service and the difficulty that characterise health delivery, we remain stellar in our work, and have not flinched a bit from it. The purported misdeed of any member of our noble profession, male or female, young or old, is in no way a representation of the work we do or ought to do. We expect anyone, even with a trace of horse sense, to recognises this simple fact. We are therefore surprised that Mr. Halik, and whoever his pay masters are, could not appreciate this but had to resort to such depraved manners unacceptable to any serious media entity.

These comments and their likes, borne of ill minds deserving reprimand, not only incurs the wrath of our members, but also affects the effective discharge of their duties, a situation which can potentially endanger the lives of millions.

By this release, we are calling on the management of Zaa radio to relieve Mr. Halik of all his duties, and to equally tender an unqualified apology for his chronic irresponsibility. We are also calling on the National Communications Authority and the National Media Commission of Northern Region to investigate the matter and take to task, as they have been constitutionally mandated to do, the owner(s) and Management of Zaa radio for permitting such display of irresponsibility. Let the full force of the law descend on he whose work is iniquity, and whose tongue is an agent of immorality. We also call on our members to with immediate effect boycott all programs of Zaa Radio that they take part as resource persons.

In the meantime, we appeal for calm and patience from all Nurses and sympathisers of the Nursing fraternity, as we explore all procedures and due process for addressing this matter.

Thank you.
Abdul Aziz Adam
Regional PRO.

*The National Media Commission
*National Communications Authority
*All Media Houses.


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