My First Year in the University

I always wanted to go to the university or college one day as a student. Gaining admission into a college of my choice was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I already knew a lot of things about university life before getting there but the reality hits you right in the face when you realize most of the things you know about college are the fun things and not the main reasons why you are there.

Independence from parental control is one of the main reasons young adults get excited about going to the university or any tertiary institution for that matter.  Once I reported to school, my first thought was that I was free to do anything I wanted. I seemed to have forgotten I was here for myself and not my parents.

Trust me, there are times when you wish you were back home with your parents especially when you hit your first truly broke phase because you run out of money or food supplies. University life is generally fun because of what most of us like to think of as freedom. You wear no uniforms, you use your mobile phones in class (even when you are not supposed to), you go out whenever you want without having to seek for permission. All these seem so very appealing as a fresher but there downsides to this new found freedom which you will learn to manage as you take life on step at a time.

Well, the first week of school might be slow but do not be fooled it gets crazy after that especially when you have to buy lecture handouts every week for different classes, wake up as early as 6:00am to attend lectures, sit on those uncomfortable hard desks for two hours each lecture and generally try to remain sane why trying to figure everything out. So if you have three lectures you are going to sit for six straight hours listening to your lecturer go on and on about a topic you long before lost touch with which can be very mentally exhausting.

Some people might be able to concentrate for six ling hours but I couldn’t, so you either stay in class and watch people nod their heads in understanding to what the lecturer is saying or you look straight at the lecturer and also pretend you are listening. Some others choose to play on their phones to while away time. Whatever choice you make ultimately pays off or comes to bite you in the behind when at the end of the semester you are expected to account for what you learned in the last few months.

College Students

Another thing about being in a new environment is making and keeping friends. Everyone likes to have friends especially in a new place, but in choosing them you have no idea of what they are like so in the beginning you could decide to have as many as you want and sieve them as time goes on.

Going to any tertiary institution could prove to be one of the biggest milestones of your life since it is where you learn to grow and mature as an adult, shape your worldviews, make important life choices like choosing a career path. For some it might even be where they meet their future spouses (no pressure).

The university is a very exciting place to be and we are always told to remember that we came alone and will be leaving alone. Have all the fun while you can, learn about other cultures while you’re there, study study study and find what works for you spiritually, emotionally and psychologically and let that be your guiding light while you’re there.


About the Writer

Patience Madian Alorsey is a student at the Ghana institute of journalism. She loves to read, cook and watch movies. She aspires to be a journalist and a teacher some day.



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