Poetry and storytelling are one of the oldest modern traditional literature. Different cultures from different geographical locations over times have had ways of passing down customs and traditions from generation to generation. Oral literature has been one of the media through which these customs and traditions have been passed down to us.

Performance poetry as an art has lost appreciation and interest in the eyes of many Ghanaian youth today. This has woefully suck out the passion of young people from going into the field of poetry.

Since 2007, EHALAKASA as a body has been organising poetry festivals, slams, and creative writing workshops to revive poetry in the Ghanaian society. In 2016 saw the need to focus on the northern part of Ghana too, after nine years of focus in the Greater Accra, Ashanti and the Western regions. The first northern slam was thus, organised in Tamale in April, 2017 for some selected senior high schools in Tamale.

Right after that, another slam was organised in Wa for poets in the Upper West Region. Another one was organised again in Tamale, but for real poets. Then the last one was organised in Bolga. Three poets where chosen each at the end of the respective regional slams. The nine poets would thus compete in a final slam that would have three poets represent each region. That is; Northern region, Upper West region and the Upper East region.

The final slam is thus, slated to take place in Tamale on the 16th September, 2017. The event shall take place at Hopin Academy on the Yaamusah storey building, second floor – along the water works road. The slam shall see a marvellous competition of poetic exhibition between great wordsmiths.

In the slam shall be the presence of this year’s Chale Wote slam champion, MadaGhana, Jewell King, among others. The Accra based comic heroes; the 2Idiots – Dr. so and Jeneral Ntatea shall also be present.

This is why you can’t possibly miss this lifetime opportunity to watch real time poets express their poetic prowess, and le out their muse flow. Once again, it is happening on 16th September, 2017 at Hopin Academy at exactly 2pm.

You kindly can call 0208436585 or 0206624706 for your ticket, partnership, or for other enquiries.

The event is proudly supported by Hopin Academy, Global Shapers-Tamale Hub, Samakose, Zaa Radio, Sanatu Zambang, Savannah Lifestyle, and many more…


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