Dobble Tee Delivers Show-Stopping Performance at New Guy Concert

Dobble Tee officially claimed his place as the third force in the Northern music industry when his Shee Koo Sheei was widely received by music fans in the region. The timely release of the controversial song sparked interest in his New Guy concert held at Radach Lodge on Saturday, August 12 in Tamale. The versatile rapper did not disappoint fans with his show-stopping performance, audience engagement and unmatched stagecraft at the concert.

Dobble Tee performing at the New Guy Concert

The New Guy concert organized by Boss Family in collaboration with Lynks Entertainment saw a number of big names in the music industry passing through to support one of their own. The guest artistes who were not limited to his Boss Family teammates Tamale Boy S.K.Y, and sensational singer One 9ra, also included dancehall act Diva One; the duo Nachimba. Others were Jintoriba Bawlee, DMTL’s Wizchild and Fadi Lan as well as Zeetown’s Luchi MO and Real Rap’s Nandos the Dagbandoo.

Double Tee was ushered in with deafening shouts and thunderous screams from the crowd. Many fans were chanting his popular signature slogans and popular tunes like Understand, Ah yi, Shee Koo Sheei.

The New Guy hit-maker mounted the stage in his all black outfit singing and dancing with his adorable fans who stood up and cheered for over an hour. He moved to almost every direction of the concert hall with his fans following and taking candid pictures of him. Fans became paparazzi as lights from smartphone cameras flashed here and there.

Fans enjoying Dobble Tee’s performance

Dobble Tee filled the night with energetic performances from old songs to current hits. Some of them were: Sule, Ka Di Puli, Nzo Issah among others. He satiated his fans in grand style and engaged them when he invited the crowd to wave their handkerchiefs and dance to the tune of his Nzo Issah.

After a couple of songs, Dobble Tee paused and asked the fans which song they would love to see him perform and the crowd chanted Shee koo Sheei in unison. They continued to chant Shee koo Sheei even after he left the stage.

Fans scrambling to capture the historic moment

His team in collaboration with StarX TV used the event to premiere some of his newest music videos: Sule, Sol Lana and the latest episodes of fan favourite, Ahyi. His beloved fans demonstrated their loyalty by showing how well they knew his music during the sing-along.

The concert which was scheduled to start as early as 8:00pm and end at 2:30am actually didn’t go as planned due to unforeseen circumstances for which the MC apologized profusely. As a known ritual in Tamale, specifically with events of this sort, underground musicians are given the chance to exhibit their talent to gain some attention and also boost their confidence. This concert was no exception. Underground artistes from various hoods were given the opportunity to keep fans amused as they waited for the main artistes on the bill.

Prior to this event, many were skeptical as to whether he could indeed hold a successful show with such a massive turnout considering the fact that he recently released a diss track which many people opined might reduce his fan base. The New Guy concert at Radach Lodge demonstrates that the release of Shee Koo Sheei bolstered his fan base and shot him to the position of third force in the industry after Fancy Gadam and Maccasio.


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Lukman Mahami Adams is a student of Social Change Communication at the University for Development Studies, Nyankpala. He is interested in music and is an avowed Manchester United fan.


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