Zeex North Brings Fresh Perspective to Ghana Music

There are several entertainment shows that highlight the growth of music in Ghana but Zeex North Music TV aims at truly projecting Ghanaian music by bringing to the mainstream music scenes that are largely left out of the industry through little airplay and inadequate representation at the national level and shows like the Ghana Music Awards.

The new show dubbed Zeex North Music TV is the dream come true of many underground artistes and already established musicians. The programme is the first of its kind ever to come to the northern part of the country.

Zeex North is dedicated to all music lovers, music producers and industry players. Expect exclusive interviews from your favourite musicians, topnotch music videos and exquisite sounds.

The show will break grounds by telecasting concerts live and bringing you the latest news in music. This show will be televised on etv, Top TV and TV 7.


Zeex North is here to stay. It will project the uncelebrated acts in the Northern music industry and  beyond.

Don’t miss this exceptional entertainment TV show.

Zeex North, Feel the music !

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About the Writer

Lukman Mahami Adams is a student of Social Change Communication at the University for Development Studies, Nyankpala.


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