My First Barcamp Tamale

Barcamp is a program being run by the GhanaThink Foundation. It is an organization based both in Ghana and the U. S.A. The program focuses on building a network of doers and entrepreneurs. It is an open participatory workshop event whose content is provided by participants.

This year’s Barcamp Tamale took place on 29th July, 2017 at the Tamale Sports Stadium. I took part in all the activities. We had a sumptious breakfast around 9:45 and the program started around 10:10am.

The program was set off with a discussion of this year’s theme: “Empowering the Youth through Innovation and Professionalism.” During the discussion, participants shared their ideas of what they thought the theme meant and each contributor to the discussion was given a pen.

Among some of the mentors who facilitated the networking event were bankers, entrepreneurs, teachers, experts in IT, caterers, writers, and broadcasters. Mentors shared their experiences as professionals and participants were given the chance to talk to as many mentors as they wanted but with a time limit.

I personally had the opportunity to talk to about four mentors and I really learnt a lot from them about how to be a leader, how to write tips, how to start my own business, how to host or mc a program among others.

Some of the mentors were Dajonang Damyeni a motivational speaker, and a corporate Mc; Nayina Karim, CEO, and founder of Dizem Belle Rural Health Care for people in need. After the networking session ended, we were given some time to relax.

Tigo who Barcamp partnered with to organize the program was given the chance to market their services and products. Lunch was served around 3:00pm and after that, there was a breakout session for some topics to be discussed.

Topics such as literacy, corruption, flooding etc. were discussed during the breakout session. I led the discussion on teenage pregnancy. The event ended at 5:30pm.

Ayisha leading a breakout session

The program was organized to foster networking, discussion and partnership. Barcamp Tamale aims at helping Ghanaians to learn about the issues that affect them. It also focuses on generating ideas for development, networking and partnership with others who have similar interests.


About the Writer

Ayisha Mohammed is a first year student of Media and Communication Studies at the Tamale Technical University.


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