Meet Joseph Nyaaba, a practicing nurse and a pro photographer

Joseph Nyaaba is young man from Yarigabisi, a suburb of Bolga who was born in the late 80’s. He had his primary education at Bolga SDA and his secondary education at Bolga secondary school after which he moved to Bolga NTC.

Wedding exclusive captured by Joseph Nyaaba

He currently works at Bawku Presbyterian Hospital. Aside being a nurse, Mr Joseph Nyaaba is very passionate about photography. He started doing photography when he went to Bolga NTC. He got his inspiration from an online photography site “wonderful places” and his friend Geoffrey Buta who is an award winning photo journalist.

Portrait by Joseph Nyaaba

He always wondered how humans like him are able to take such beautiful pictures so he decided to start himself. He started with his first camera phone in school capturing everything he came across. When he started, people didn’t take him serious  but as time went on, everyone wanted to be a photographer.

Till now he is sometimes looked down upon till he introduces himself as a nurse. Because of his great love for photography, he supports some models for free. His favorite shots are the nature pictures he takes. With them, he finds hope that he can do almost everything with his camera.

Mr Nyaaba is optimistic that he’ll shoot everything and he’s yet to come across something he won’t capture. He wants to train people with a passion for photography as he’ll want to be a traveling photographer in order to capture beautiful moments of nature. Such pictures can be sold to websites for publication.

Combining nursing with photography isn’t an easy task for him especially when photography takes him out of the Region. Sometimes he has to beg his colleagues to step in for him.

He advises young Ghanaians to first concentrate on their government employment since it’s difficult to get a job after which they can now make time for their passion. But if they are lucky to have both their main jobs as their passion then they should do it with all their hearts. The young industrious man is currently single and searching as well

By: Selma Ibrahim


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