Wiyaala endorses Irene Konlan’s anti-skin bleaching campaign

Wiyaala, aka the “Young Lioness of Africa”, is the world’s sole creator and performer of Sissala Pop, a fusion of contemporary pop with cultural tradition and story-telling from the villages of the Upper West of Ghana has endorsed the ‘say no to skin bleaching campaign’ by Irene Konlan, a Ghanaian Model from the Northern Region.

Irene konlan started the Love your Natural skin-tone campaign after she won the miss Afro Tourism and culture 2015. The campaign since then has attract the attention of many celebrities such as Ama K Abrebrese.

The “Rock My Body” hit maker believes that black is beautiful and that Ghanaians with such complexion should appreciate and embrace their natural skin-tone and say no to skin bleaching.

Wiyaala has endorsed the campaign with a theme song with other celebrities and also did some photo shoot to support the campaign.

Irene Konlan in a short interview said ” the campaign is not to point accusing fingers at those who are bleaching but rather  to educate them to embrace their natural God given Skin-tone” she also stated that some years back, bleaching was practiced mainly by women, but in recent times men have also joined the race. It has become the vogue among the youth and the youths in the Northern Region are seriously indulging in the act and they see it to be a new way of civilization.


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