I’m beautiful, smart and have passion for modeling….’Sumaya’

Tell us everything about Yourself, Nationality, family, goals,
Childhood, and passion?

I’m Sumaya stage name is Maya I’m beautiful, smart and have passion for modeling. I am from Tamale, from a family of five; three girls and two boys. Aside modeling I love listening to music, cooking and also hanging out with friends

When you are not modeling, what do you do?

I relax and research into modeling

How do you keep fit and stay relevant in this competitive industry?

I eat healthy diets recommended by a nutritionist and exercise regularly
Would you say that you are sexy?

Yes, I am very sexy

If you have to change anything about modeling in Africa, what will you change? What do you think about the African modeling industry?

The perception people have about modeling not seen as a career or profession…Some African countries are really doing well in terms of modeling like Nigeria, Kenya and south Africa where one can find top modeling agencies, however, there is more to improve in Africa.

Past and present model achievements?

I have achieved a lot from building my confidence to speak in public, face crowd by “walking like a professional”, and featured in a number of fashion shows in Tamale as well as in Kumasi fashion week. I get a lot of gigs from musicians starring me in their music video shoots.

Any regrets about modeling?


What are the five fashion items you can’t do without? How would you describe your personal style?

1.Tooth bag

Any last words to your admirers or shout outs to anyone?

I love all my admirers and they should watch out for more from Maya


I Africa Buzz 0ff:

If you are a fruit, what fruit would you be?

 If you were a vegetable, which vegetable would you be?

Which city (anywhere in the world) best describes your personality?

 If you could choose, which animal would you be?

 What is your favorite color?



What is your star sign?

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