Kid’s fashion show in Bolga this Easter

During special occasions, Most people think about how they will enjoy the occasion to the fullest. They get new clothes and organize get-together with their friends and family.

Miss Nmaah

Only a few remember the less fortunate on such occasions. And one of them is miss Ayaribere Benua Magdalene Nmaah. She has decided to celebrate her Easter with the orphans of Mother of Mercy children’s home,  SIRIGU and God is love children’s home all in Bolga-Soe.

Miss Nmaah is organizing a kids fashion show for children aged 3-7 to raise funds for the orphanages. She decided to use these kids because she feels orphans aren’t given the exposure to showcase their talents and since she’s the first to organize a kids fashion show in Bolga-Soe, she believes it’ll attract more people to come and see what the children can do.

With sponsorship from Besam Enterprise, Unibank and Bolga Poly,  Miss Nmaah depends also on herself and a few of her family and friends to make her show and visits possible and also her manager Mr Apam Elvis Winimi who has been guiding her

. Miss Nmaah is not deterred that she has less time because of her busy schedules in school She tries as much as possible to make time for her social work because she finds joy and fulfillment in helping the less privileged. She is a twenty-one year old girl from Bolga-Soe in the Upper East Region and currently a final year student of Bolga


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