WCW-Ayaribire Magdelene

Beauty lies in how you feel about yourself and what you know you can do.  Some people are not fortunate to know the path they want to take till they are in the universities and even at that stage some still  don’t know what they want to do.

Others are so lucky to identify their purpose at a very young age and work towards it. Miss Ayaribire Benua Magdalene Nmaah is one of the fortunate ones who identified her purpose on time.  According to her, she had always known she was born for modeling ever since she was a child.

The 21 year old is from Bolga-soe in the Upper East Region.

She had her basic and junior high education at Bolgatanga Preparatory Model school and proceeded to Bolgatanga Technical Institute for secondary education where she studied Business Accounting. She is currently in her final year at Bolgatanga Polytecnic pursuing Financial Accounting.

It took her so many years to come out of her shell to do what she has always dreamt of doing. Even though she knew she had all it takes to be a super model, she never participated in any pageant until her first semester on campus (Bolga- Polytechnic ) when she decided to unveil that hidden talent and passion in her. She took part in the Face of Bolgatanga Polytechnic 2014/2015 and Bolgatanga International Craft and Art Fair (BICAF)  2015.  She was the first runner up in both pageants. 

Apart from these, she has taken part in a couple of runway shows including; Accra Fashion Week 2016 at Accra Ghana,  the Koutoure 2016 at University of Development Studied {UDS} Navrongo Ghana, two campus fashion shows as well (2015,2016) at Bolgatanga Polytechnic Ghana and The night of Glamour at Bolgatanga social center, Ghana.

Her guide words are Believe, Have faith, Patience, Hard Work and Determination.  She believes that above these words Prayers will help her achieve her dreams.

Her advice to young people out there is to believe that There is no such word as Impossible because even the word says I’m possible. She also advices that they should value and have faith in what they do and they will surely get to their dreams.


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