WCW-Fatima N. Adamu

“Hunger was my motivation”

What more can a woman ask for than her own independence and self-reliance. We post pictures of our girlfriends and boyfriends but for me, I am going to post a picture of that very beautiful lady that caught my attention and I must say, she has inspired me. You have probably seen Woman Crush Wednesday *WCW which speaks more about a woman crush who has done something extra O from the originals.
My WCW for today is a beautiful lady who had a diversion in her life after school in doing something she always loved doing. She is not only a woman with substance but she a self-entrepreneur who gracefully rocks all her outfits in hijab with class. I had the chance to talk with her and below its our conversation.

Can you please tell me about yourself?
“Fatima N. Adamu is my name, still in my early 20’s. I graduated from the University for Development Studies (UDS) with a bachelor degree in Integrated Community Development Studies. I worked for Energy Policy Company on completion, but my zeal for entrepreneurship outweighed the corporate world, hence, the decision to start a business and being able to love what I do most”.
So, what exactly are you into now as a self-entrepreneur?
“I had a lot of ideas at the beginning but I chose to go for fashion because of my love for colors and creativity at coming up with designs. I started Carters Kaftans by importing beautiful occasional Kaftans from Indonesia in the late 2012. I then registered my company in February 2013 and supplied Kaftans on wholesale and retail to the Ghanaian market. As time went by, I noticed people were more attracted to the clothes I wore, so I decided to introduce my new line; ‘Modest Wears’ as seen in the pictures. I am poised to bring out better designs In Sha Allah, so watch out people.*smiling*”

Why the Hijab?
“Okay because, firstly for myself, secondly, for the religion and thirdly, for my business. Let me start by saying, I am someone who loves scarfing my hair, people who are close to me know that I love scarfing my hair not the Hijab way but I just love scarfing my hair. What actually happened was, I used to put on the Hijab every Fridays, go to the Masjid (Mosque) even if am not going to the Masjid, I still put on the hijab. I wasn’t use to putting on the hijab every day. I started to put on the hijab every day and I liked it. And for someone who loves scarfing her hair, I found it very easy putting on a hijab. The religion aspect is beautiful because, like I said, I used to put it on every Friday which is for the religion. For myself because, I feel very comfortable. I used to put it on and people admire me, so I felt like, okay, people accept me like that, people love it when I put it on, so why don’t I keep on dressing that way and then look for better ways of making it more attractive, more stylish and appealing to people to try emulate. You know this part of our world we are not used to wearing hijabs like that because people condemn you whether you are wearing it right or wrong. So I wanted something that you could wear and then someone would go like, “okay, I think I would like to dress like this”, “it actually looks cool”. Also the business part is when I wanted to go into ‘Modest Wears’. If you want people to wear your stuffs, why not portray it in you, why not let it look good on you, let people see it on you and admire you. So I started the business on Modest Wears. Modest wears too doesn’t come without the hijab. I started that and decided to go into the business. Also to save cost, *laughing*, you know, when you always put on the hijab you save cost because you don’t get to fix your hair and all that, just relaxing and washing; the ladies would understand. And nobody pushed me into doing this”.

What motivated you to start-up kaftans clothing?
“Let me give you some short story. When I started my national service at Gridco, I didn’t go to work one day because something came up, I don’t really remember what it was. Back then, our national service allowance was GHC250 which wasn’t always enough for me *hahaa*, you know girls and our stuffs. So before the allowance came, I found myself really hungry and I needed to get stuffs for the house. People who really know me know that I find it really difficult asking for things. I didn’t know what to do, I had so many ideas but then, I didn’t know what to choose. Later a friend of mine, Kanita called me saying she needed my help in changing her wardrobe, she had just gotten married and that she trusted my judgment. That is when I started to do some research and luckily I found this lady who was into the supplies and she actually told me I could make business out of it. I then bought the clothes in my name and sold it to my friend. Begin questioned, I mention Kanita because she trusted my judgement and that helped me decide on what business to get into. It started from my thirst for success and independent and above it all, HUNGER was my motivation”.

What/ Who is your inspiration?
“My senior sister, Mariam Adamu. She being a strong woman, shouldering the responsibilities of the family head ever since we lost our father not forgetting the fact that our family was a polygamous one. No matter the kind of struggles or hardships, she is always on her feet and wouldn’t let it knock her down. I look up to her independence as a woman and I wish I could just be like her and get her kind of strength. But when it comes to my fashion sense, I look up to other Hijabis. I know one hijabi lady from either Kuwait or Saudi Arabia *not so sure* by name Fatima. I follow her on Instagram and I love her so much. She is covered yet classy. Mostly, I do my search at night when am not able to sleep, searching on the internet, not social media per say, looking at people’s designs to get my ideas from it. From celebrities to models (fashion models). But my sister is the one who inspires me the most”.
Aside fashion, what else should we lookout for?
“I intend venturing into Event Planning and Decorations. I am currently taking a course in Events Planning and Decorations and would soon come out with a brand. I love to decorate for weddings and stuff, not just the clothing but also in events preparations.

How can people, my readers who love your clothing get access to them?
“People who want to get some of my designs can contact us on our Facebook page at ‘Carters Kaftans’. Right now we are online so you can get our designs or by contacting us on; 023 364 6401.

I never wasted my time talking with our very own Fatima Nadeen because she inspired me a lot and I believe her story is going to motivate every single reader. Thanks very much for monitoring. As i said earlier, put your comments and suggestions in the comment box. You make this blog what it is going to be. Thanks my Readers.

By: Zulaiha Katali Ahmed


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