“I want to do what I want to do and be free” – Tajudeen Mohammed Yussif

My first post here and am talking about photography. If a lot of you are like me, you would be wondering why that in particular. Well, a lot is being said about that in making blogs and its kinda inspirational to know the aim of the model in the photo to tell the theme and the serene for such a photo. I have heard a lot saying, “I’m not photogenic” and a whole lot. I don’t get it, every picture, be it nice or ugly has an impact on the term photography.

Tajudeen Mohammed Yussif is my ideal model for today. Like seriously this guy is a perfect example for a male model. He defines himself as, “A young man with a distinct belief that success is how you make it.” He then again says, “I want to do what I want to do and be free”.


Born in the Amaamata maternity Home, Adukrom-Kumasi is a Professional Registered General nurse who schooled in Asem Boys Primary and JHS, proceeded to Simms College also in Kumasi and finally to Bolgatanga Nurses Training College, currently working at Bawku Presbyterian Hospital had his inspiration from Art especially Canvas of Leonardo Davinci.


Tajudeen says, “It walks my heart in a circular motion and makes me an accessory for imagination”. Again he says, “Aside Canvas of Leonardo Davinci, my other inspiration is Tsan Zu and the story of Sun Zu, a chinese war book”. Tajudeen has the power of making a serene look like the epitome of greatness and inspires other models.15873488_1189481967774287_2526425485519281709_n

“The art of War is a great success book that influences my thought and behavior towards life challenges everyday when faced with it”. According to Sun Zu, “To see victory just within the Alchemy of the herds isn’t an attribute of true general”, again he said “Every battle is won before it’s fought”.

What more can we say about photography when Tajudeen has an inspiration from these sources and making his look a productive market to photography as a talent. He loves to play basket ball. Just like he has a passion for modeling, he loves tuozafi (TZ) *a local dish mainly from the Northern part of Ghana*.


Tajudeen is a feel lance model and does not have an agency. He loves to give back to the society and willing to give 10% of his nursing and modeling money in support to the society when he gets them. You can follow Tajudeen on facebook at Tajudeen Ussoupha Gurma, his facebook page and Instagram at Taju Gurma.

I believe you all love Tajudeen’s definition for photography and his involvement to support the world and his career as a model. It was fun getting to know all of this about our Tajudeen and I believed you didn’t just read but got inspired in doing what you enjoy doing most.

Thank you all for reading and I do ask that you stick around for more updates with your comments and likes like little nags to keep me on my toes to keep my write-ups punctual.

By:Zulyha katali, mzzkatali.wordpress.com


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