WCW- Shamima Muslim

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning and Savannahlifestyle.org is crushing on the personality behind your favourite voice on radio. Shamima Muslim is the name, a daughter of the soil as she likes to call herself.


Aside being the ace Broadcaster that we all know her to be, she’s also a: Development Trainer, Public Speaker and CEO of Shamima and Associates, among other things. I remember being totally blown away by how well she moderated the ‘Good Morning Ghana ‘ show on METROtv.

Despite taking a long hiatus from mainstream broadcasting for family reasons, she’s stayed relevant in the minds and hearts of people who’ve followed her works over the years. This is evident in the reaction she draws from the public each time she’s made a cameo appearance on Citi FM; a media house regarded by many as the best in the business. Shamima joined Richard Dela Sky and Bernard Avle on Citi973’s coverage of the just ended general elections – and I must say she lived up to her lofty standards yet again.


…And from what we gather, our favourite will soon be back on Citi973 full-time.

Take a bow, Shamima!


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