The passionate story of Kadir Clothing

His story can be compared to that of an unpolished diamond, one will never see it beauty until it is polished.

Abdul kadir made me believe again in the power of passion and the fact that the sun stands alone but still shines very brightly.


He is a professional teacher and a professional accountant but dropped all the big name occupation to be a fashion designer. Following the crowd leads you nowhere but stands alone and believing in your ability lead an implored road.

Abdul Kadir is a UDS graduate, now a fashion designer. He started his fashion career back in SHS where he use to sew bags for his colleagues for some coins as he puts it. He never saw himself as a designer even though one of his teacher’s saw potential in him. It was in level 200 he could no longer suppress the hidden passion for designing. Patiently he finished his first degree then jumped to follow his passion.


He went through apprenticeship for two years and started his own collection. Everyone including his girlfriend deserted him except his mom who supported him all the way.

Starting up wasn’t easy, his bedroom was his office. Friends wanting services for free. It’s has been a rough and tough road for Abdul Kadir.

He featured in the first ever fashion show in Tamale thus Savannah lifestyle fashion and arts night. Also he featured Rayaz fashion For Peace. His advice for youngsters his to follow their passion, there is more joy in doing what you love and love what you do. He believes Tamale is the untapped hub for the fashion world.

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