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careerCareerShop is a flagship event of LSE Ghana that envisions to offer young people a custom-made platform that will provide personal career development kits to build successful careers that transcend beyond the borders if their immediate environment; their countries to become celebrated political, religious, industrial and technological captains whilst making a trans-generational impact.

Through CareerShop, young people will have the perfect opportunity to emulate best success and achievement practices and examples. Patrons will be guided to translate local ideas into global brands, local business into multinational companies. CareerShop is expected to help the emerging generation to discover and rediscover their core purpose and vision to inspire them to dream new dreams to create new career paths that lead to the creation of sustainable social interventional careers to transform society to impact people’s life.

CareerShop, in the spirit of empowerment, inspiration, impartation, developing and shaping ideas will seek to incite people to achieve the impossible, conquer failure, remove barriers to success and transform their society to make global impact. It will retail tailored products as timeless exemplary leadership, start-up ideas, rich life experience, corporate management skills and timely information to support its consumers to fully live their ambitions and to clearly see their vision to do exploits.


CareerShop aspires to tour Senior Highs Schools and tertiary institutions, regional and district capitals in the country annually with seasoned cooperate, political, traditional and religious leaders to enrich minds for global impact, to equip young people with skills, knowledge, confidence and capability that adds value to career goals, and encourages young people to become global icons and impact the world.



  1. To initiate an early career and leadership development.
  2. To help the students in the development of self-identity, use appropriate social skills for interacting with others.
  3. To create a fundraising avenue to fund other LSE programs and projects.
  4. To provide information to young people on the scope and relevance of any career irrespective of their field of interest.
  5. To offer extra-curricular opportunities including the basic understanding of the key drivers for career success and the need to build a global career.
  6. To form amalgamated clubs aimed at helping to promote quality education in rural societies.
  7. To minimize the mismatching between education, employment and entrepreneurship.
  8. To empower students for a global impact.


Careershop’16 is going to build on the success and the great impact of the 2015 edition which will be marked by expansion of instituted program content, great experience and massive attendance.

THEME: Global Mindset

 Careershop’16 will seek to properly introduce to the students the dos and dons of global personalities and icons. It will also help young translate their dreams and talents into global brands. Careershop’16 will be a platform where students will be expected to appreciate how they can develop global business ideas and how they get onto the global stage. Participants will be informed on the best way they can successfully navigate their ways through to become that accomplished personality who will devote their ideas, dreams, skills and talents to make the world a better place to for the generation and the generation after that.

Careershop’16 slated for 15th October 2016 [Third Saturday of the month].  And it will be hosted by Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO). The target number of audience is pegged at 2000 students from the following institutions. The target number of the participant will be expected to increase as the general public are showing a sign of interest. The expected increase will call for a facility with a higher seating capacity (Over 3000 seat) for which arrangements are made to secure the WAEC Hall in Tamale to serve as an alternative.  Below are the list of the participating schools;

  1. University for Development Studies, Nyankpala and Tamale campus
  2. Tamale Polytechnic
  3. Tamale Senior High School
  4. Northern School of Business
  5. Business College
  6. The general Public


This is to ensures that CareerShop’16 reaches a greater audience with different educational backgrounds and set ups.


The following personalities are the confirmed keynote speakers of the 2nd edition of CareerShop.

John Dumelo Actor, Businessman, Philanthropist, tourism ambassador

John Dumelo Foundation

Comfort Ocran  Motivational speaker, Legacy and Legacy


Prof Vabin Chandar IT Expert, NIIT-Tamale
Joshua Alexander Gyan Entrepreneur and Founder, Executive Director,

LSE Ghana



This year’s event will also serve as a fund raiser to support the ‘1book 1 pen project’. Proceeds from the tickets sold will be channeled to the project.

also, sales made from customized career shop hand beads will serve same purpose.


Lets look at some images from last year’s event

Hand beads
Hand beads

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