Prince Rashid on #CurateWa @PrinceBanbeo

Prince Rashid on #CurateWa @PrinceBanbeo

3rd Edition

25th March, 2016.

Experiencing the Upper West Region of Ghana through individual stories

Prince Banbeo
Banbeo Abdul Rashid is a professional teacher and has been teaching for the past 5 yrs  @ Fongo M/A JHS in the Wa Municipal Assembly.
Follow him on Twitter: @PrinceBanbeo
Curator’s Tweets
Besides teaching I love to hang out with friends n discussing football n politics takes majority of our discussions.
Before we start with our journey lemme take a break to observe my jummah prayer’s n we move straight to action #CurateWa
The upper west region is the last region to have being created in Ghana #CurateWa
There are 11 districts in the upper west region #CurateWa
Major ethnic groups found in this area are Waalas Dagaabas Sissalas Brifos with a population over 500000 #CurateWa
Hausa kooko and koose is a common dish that dominates the breakfast table of many residents #CurateWa
Popular politicians in the region include the founder of PNC n president of the fourth republic of Ghana Dr Hilla Limann #CurateWa
Founder of PNC and former president of the fourth republic of Ghana

Food such as Tz( tuo zaafi ) konkonte, rice, banku,kapala(fufu)etc are the commonest u can find in the region  #curateWa

Currently at the regional basketball court,Wa #curateWa. Where the youth gather every evening to keep themselves fit
District capitals. Inter marriages between the different ethnic groups exist such as Waalas n Dagaabas, Brifos n Sissalas etc #curateWa
I cannot end this session without talking about the beautiful n well maintained historical sites in the region. Take ur time n relax cuz….
The Pelican Hotel

There are many historical/tourist sites in the region. The main ones r the Nkrumah Detention camp (Lawra) #CurateWa

Amazingly one of the oldest mosque in west Africa is located in the Wa municipal, it believed to be 500 years old  February 1516…
Standing inside is the Nakore mosque #CurateWa
Mushrooms rocks(Lawra) #curateWa
Hippo sanctuary (Wechau) #curateWa
Gbollu slave wall (Gbollu) #curateWa
Other notable sites include spring water (Babile) stone church (Nandom) etc #curateWa
Festivals in the area include Damba by Waalas, Kobina(Lawra) Kakukbe(Nandom) Parigbele (Sissalas )Etc #curateWa
Members of Teflon at Damba festivals #curateWa
Many ppl always see upper west as a conducive environment for businesses especially Wa municipal.

Thanks a lot for your time, you can reach me @PrinceBanbeo, fb:prince Banbeo Rashid Instagram PRINCEBANBEO with ur qtns n comments #curateWa

#Remember others bleed like you. Salaam Alaykum #curateWa 😘

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