Bilal Taimako on Curate Tamale @btaimakojnr

Bilal Taimako on Curate Tamale @btaimakojnr

26th Edition

11th December, 2015.

Experiencing the Northern Region of Ghana through individual stories

Bilal Taimako; I am a teacher, a student, a herbalist, a farmer, a community development worker and most importantly a proud son of Northern Ghana. He’s @btaimakojnr on Twitter.

Highlights of the Session

Lovely morning beautiful people. Dasiba mmabihi… Bulika… Bilal Taimako Shamsudeen is my name and I am your curator for the day…

It’s a beautiful harmattan morning here. I am sure we all are poised to end the week in style and enjoy a lovely weekend… Jumu’ah KAREEM!

I am a teacher, a student, a herbalist, a community development worker, a huge huge Chelsea fan and a son of Northern Ghana. @btaimakojnr

Today I wil be profiling a PROUD daughter of Northern Ghana, Dr(HAJIA) Salamatu Taimako Ibrahim.We will look at her journey in life and all.

Journey with me as I share her story with you. Feel free to contribute and ask questions. Will be here with you all through.

Dr (HAJIA) Salamatu Ibrahim Taimako –  Agroforester, Herbalist, Farmer, Teacher, Mother, Counsellor, Women Activst

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Dr Salamatu Taimako was born in 1936. She started learning as a herbalist at the age of 12. Both her parents were herbalists.

She and her late husband Mallam Ibrahim Taimako Musah travelled far and wide Northern Ghana and Ashanti where they practiced and sold herbs.

Hajia Salamatu Taimako has nine children, Six women and three men. She lost her husband while pregnant with her last child

She, despite the loss of her husband in 1979, educated all her children and continued with herbal business and farming

Over the years, she has developed  TAIMAKO PLANTS AND HERBAL MEDICINE, into a multifaceted setup that is very much in touch with the people.

She is the brain child of Business College International, Tamale, a private institution that runs SHS courses and WAEC Diploma courses

She has received several awards for her works in agriculture and herbal medicine, community development and women empowerment.

She owns a 250 acre grafted mango plantation supported by EDAIF; a nursery of more than 300,000 mango tree plants

Her enterprise,Taimako Plants and Herbal Medicine offers training to many institutions and organizations including the UDS.

Dr (Hajia) Salamatu Taimako received an Honourary Doctorate degree in 2004 from the UDS for her works in community development

UDS described  her in 2004 as an “eminent indigenous knowledge practitioner, environmentalist and illustrious entrepreneur”,

In 2008, she received The Presidential excellence Award in Traditional Medicine and Agroforestry. One of her many awards…#CurateTamale

Dr. Taimako, is very passionate about herbal medicine, plants, women, promoting African traditional values #CurateTamale

In her bid to promote and sustain her knowledge, every child and grandchild in the household has a herbal plant he/she studies #CurateTamale

Each child studies how to cultivate the herb, how to prepare the herbs and how to preserve the herbs when prepared. #CurateTamale

My plant is Sigrilli and it is used to treat of Whitlow. It also used in preparing  her many herbs. #CurateTamale

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Each child has to know this and also be able to teach people on the use of the herb. #CurateTamale

Dr Taimako is the Chairperson for the Ghana Federation of Traditional Healers and Psychics for the three Northern regions #CurateTamale

She has led the struggle for the recognition of Traditional Herbal Medicine to be part of our Health Delivery Systems in GH #CurateTamale

She has travelled and made presentations in Europe and the USA on herbal medicine, agroforestry and women empowerment… #CurateTamale

Dr. Taimako has organized several community health screening esp. 4women and children where she gives free herbal medical care #CurateTamale

Another brain child of Dr (Hajia) Salamatu Taimako is Business College international, BCI – Tamale. #CurateTamale

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BCI offers the following SHS courses; General Arts, Business, Agric Science and Home Economics  #CurateTamale

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Jumu’ah Mubarak… Join us as we go to the mosque… Hajia and myself @btaimakojnr  #CurateTamale

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Dr (Hajia) Salamatu Taimako Ibrahim has strong belief in Allah and always commits it all to Him #CurateTamale

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BCI started with 3 wooden classrooms, 12 years on, we are blessed with a 3-storey 24 classroom block and counting  #CurateTamale

Pictures from the Taimako Plant Nursery #BCITamale #CurateTamale

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More pictures from Taimako Plant Nursery #CurateTamale

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Dr (Hajia) Taimako sends her regards and appreciates the work of #CurateTamale
She says the youth need 2 keep pushing the region positively

She is my granny and my first lady, my very personal person… I learn so much from her every minute… #CurateTamale

Dr Taimako is an inspiration to us all… She hasn’t had no formal education and yet has an Honourary Doctorate degree.#CurateTamale

Her many works speak volumes; ADRA, USAID, ADB, WHO, World Bank, etc and the many people who have felt her know her #CurateTamale

Her many ideas and concepts, Taimako Plants and Herbal Medicine, BCI, Meet Africa, keep touching lives positively #CurateTamale

I am signing off now, its been an honour 2 curate,enjoy the rest of the evening and do have a blissful weekend. Tamale is always home 4 all

Bilal Taimako is my name, I am the Head of Operations @ BCI, a Research fellow with RAN West Africa, and an Administrator at Taimako Plants

Do stay forever blessed and highly favoured… Salaaaaaaaaaaam


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